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Airsoft Guns – Spring VS AEG

The spring operated Airsoft Gun is usually made of plastic, fires one shot at a time, and is slow. The spring operated Airsoft guns fire at 150 to 350 fps depending on the spring design and the BB weight. The spring operated Airsoft gun can retail anywhere from $20 for the ‘mini’ small scale version all the way up to $175 for heavyweight, adjustable spin versions with metal uppers and lowers.

The AEG (Automatic Electric Gun) is usually made of metal, has selective firing modes including full auto, and is faster. Most AEG Airsoft guns fire at least 300 fps. The AEG Airsoft gun can retail anywhere from $115 for the entry level guns that have some plastic parts to more than $1,000 for custom guns.

So… your choices range from $20 to more than $1,000 what should you do? Remember: You get what you pay for! A spring Airsoft gun does not look, feel, or fire like an AEG, but if you only have $20 - $100 to spend a Spring Airsoft gun is your best choice. If your budget is less than $100 you are not going to be able to buy an AEG Airsoft gun that is reliable. In 2007 several manufacturers of high-end Airsoft guns introduced plastic versions of their more expensive models. These guns are great for someone just getting started in Airsoft that wants a reliable, fully automatic Airsoft gun. These AEG guns are made from quality parts by a trusted manufacturer and are priced in the $150 - $200 range for the gun and the accessories. If you are more serious about Airsoft and plan to participate in scrimmages, you may want to buy a more expensive model. Plan on spending $200 - $300 for the gun itself plus another $30 - $200 for the accessories like a battery, charger, BB's, and spare mags. Finally top of the line custom Airsoft guns sell for $300 to more than $1,000. If you pick up one of these guns, you will immediately notice the difference. The quality and details of these guns are superior to any less expensive models. Other accessories you may wish to purchase for your airsoft gun can include Grenade Launchers, Lasers & Lights, and Scopes & Other Optics.

In addition to evaluating your budget and the price of the guns we strongly encourage you to read and write reviews about any of the Airsoft guns we sell. This will help us make better decisions about which guns to offer our customers, and helps other Airsoft enthusiasts make an educated decision about which gun is best for them. We are even offering a Prize for the person who writes the best review each month.

Finally, don't forget about Safety.

Adult supervision required.
Always wear safety goggles when using this product.
Misuse or careless handling of this product may cause injury.
May be hazardous up to 50 meters.
This product is intended for users 18 years or older.
Read all instructions before using this product.
The buyer and the user of this product shall adhere to all local laws regulating the usage and the ownership of airsoft guns.

All Muzzles Tips painted Blaze Orange to comply with US Federal Regulations. Must Be 18-years or older to order.

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